The Cyberspace Administration of China rolls out the 2024 "Qinglang Operation".


Source: CAC WeChat Official Accounts


In recent years, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has insisted on cleaning up cyberspace as the goal, taking people's fundamental interests as the starting point and finishing point, and has continued to carry out a series of "Qinglang" special actions, focusing on solving outstanding problems and chaotic phenomena on the Internet, and pushing the Internet ecological situation to further improve. In 2024, the "Qinglang" series of special actions will closely focus on people's new expectations and demands, comprehensively cover the key areas of online connections, and focus on exploring and cracking the new problems and risks of network ecology, with a focus on 10 rectification tasks.

1. "Qinglang - 2024 Spring Festival Network Environment Rectification" Special Action During the Spring Festival, we will focus on rectifying six aspects of the problem: Publishing misleading travel guides, staging and performing bizarre drama videos that violate public order and morality; using hot topics to provoke mutual abuse and incite group confrontation; using year-end stocktaking, homecoming stories and other forms of fabricated and untrue content; publishing pornography, gambling, online water armies and other illegal diversionary information; advocating showing off wealth and worshipping gold and leading fans to chase after celebrities without any result; and endangering the physical and mental health of minors. To create a positive, civilised and healthy online atmosphere for the Chinese New Year for the majority of netizens, such as physical and mental health.

2. "Qinglang - Optimising the Internet Business Environment - Correcting Infringement Information Related to Enterprises" Special Action. The focus of the action is to address the problems of spreading and disseminating false and inaccurate information related to enterprises, deliberately creating rumours to discredit enterprises and entrepreneurs, and extorting and blackmailing enterprises in the name of "public opinion control". We urge websites and platforms to strengthen the verification and management of information related to enterprises, and promptly remind relevant account holders to strictly abide by and implement laws and regulations, community rules and special measures. Deal with websites, platforms and accounts with outstanding problems and serious situations in accordance with the law.

3. "Qinglang - crack down on illegal information links" special operation. We have resolutely cracked down on the use of various "secret codes" and "routes" to release illegal links, and strictly prevented the release and transmission of illegal information such as pornography, gambling and Internet water armies by diverting users to hidden links or offshore websites. We urge websites and platforms to continuously step up their efforts to identify and combat various kinds of diversion metamorphoses such as graphics and symbols, carry out cross-platform linking, investigate and eliminate black and grey groups, accounts and APPs pointed out by diversion information, and timely hand over clues on illegal and criminal activities to public security organs.

4. "Qinglang - rectifying the 'self-media' bottomless traffic" special operation. Focused on rectifying the "self media" to create hotspots and rub hotspots to create "information traps", bottomless powder attraction and profit-making and other issues. It has urged websites and platforms to properly label the sources of information on domestic and international current affairs, public policies, social events and other areas, and to label AI-generated information and fictional photo-shopping content. Strictly open the conditions for profit-making privileges and clarify the standards for verification, identification and disposal. Optimise the traffic distribution mechanism to effectively expand the reach of high-quality information content.  

5. Special action on "Qinglang - eliminating falsehood and vulgarity in webcasting". Focus on 7 outstanding issues: through posing scenes, etc., to make "bad" and "wretched" content for eyeballs; through the "effectiveness" of goods, etc., in the live broadcast of goods with false propaganda; fictional live broadcasts of false propaganda; fictional live broadcasts of the "effectiveness" of goods, etc. False propaganda; fictitious live "blind date" guest identity, speculation on the topic of marriage; anchor deliberately display the release of "soft pornography" content; through the late-night pay-per-view live to avoid regulation, the hidden dissemination of vulgar pornographic information; live vulgar pickup, the implementation of vulgar PK behaviour The "Clean and Clear" campaign is a bottomless challenge to public aesthetics; it spreads false scientific information during live broadcasts to confuse the public.

6. "Qinglang - Regulating the Generation of Synthesis Content Logo" Special Measures. We will implement the relevant requirements of the Administrative Provisions on Deep Synthesis of Internet Information Services and the Interim Measures for the Administration of Generative Artificial Intelligence Services, supervise generation and synthesis service providers and network information content service platforms to carry out their core functions, regulate the identification of generation and synthesis content, clean up generation and synthesis information content that has not been effectively identified and is prone to confusion and misidentification by the public, and deal with rumour-mongering and marketing hype using generation and synthesis technology. Dispose of non-compliant accounts that use synthesis technology to create rumours and marketing hype.

7. "Qinglang - 2024 Summer Internet Environment Remediation for Minors" Special Action. Implement the requirements of the Regulations on the Protection of Minors on the Internet, starting from the outstanding problems strongly reflected by the people, and focusing on solving outstanding problems such as displaying undesirable content involving minors on the first screen of the home page, in pop-up windows, hot searches and other conspicuous positions, publishing vulgar and pornographic content in the form of stationery for handmade dolls, animation and disguised animation, and cyber-bullying and remote harassment using secret chat software and encrypted photos, etc, and strictly control the safety of information content on children's smart devices. We will strictly control the safety of information content on children's smart devices, prevent minors from becoming addicted to the Internet, and take strict measures to punish platforms, organisations and accounts with outstanding problems.

8. Special action on "Qinglang - regulating the use of language and writing on the Internet". Focus on eliminating the spread of illegal and undesirable information such as vulgar pornography, attack and spoofing, and incitement to confrontation through the deliberate use of misspelled words, misuse of harmonic pronouns, fabrication of hackneyed phrases, and malicious misinterpretation of the meaning of words and phrases. Monitor short videos, intelligent editing tools and other platforms to optimise the function of typo alerts and help users to standardise their language and spelling. Supervise websites and platforms to further open up reporting and acceptance channels, encourage broad participation by netizens, and promptly dispose of illegal and undesirable information that does not regulate the use of language and writing.

9. The "Qinglang - Correcting Illegal Internet News and Information Services" special campaign. It focuses on rectifying the problems of providing Internet news and information services without approval or in excess of the scope, selling, renting or lending Internet news and information service licences, and publishing and disseminating false and inaccurate news and information. It has guided and supervised Internet news and information service units to strengthen internal management, improve service quality and provide Internet news and information services in accordance with the law. It has also strengthened the primary responsibility of major website platforms and application distribution platforms, strengthened the qualification examination of accounts and applications using news attributes such as "news" and "report", and strictly dealt with illegal topics.

10. Special action on "Qinglang - rectifying information content problems in the same city section". Focus on the elimination of vulgar and undesirable marketing, network water armies, network rumours and false information, network hostility and other frequent and easy to occur in the same city section of the problem. Supervise the website platform to strengthen the daily inspection and management, timely disposal of illegal account subject, optimise the information content recommendation mechanism, strictly prevent the user's geographical location and interests of illegal and undesirable information accumulation, and effectively clean up the online ecological environment of the same city section.

The person in charge of the relevant departments of the CAC said, will be in accordance with the work plan arrangements, strong and orderly to promote the 2024 "clear" series of special measures, to ensure that the remediation work to achieve solid results, for the majority of Internet users to create a civilised and healthy online environment.