UNI-STAR initiated the "Star Wish Run, Picking Up Beauty" charity event.


On November 26th, UNI-STAR's "Star Wish Run, Picking Up Beauty" charity event kicked off at Tianhe Park in Guangzhou. The event aimed to use running as a link to advocate for a healthy and loving lifestyle, encouraging people to enjoy nature, engage in joyful exercise, pay attention to environmental quality, protect our beautiful homeland, and build a better community together.


At the launch ceremony, the person in charge of UNI-STAR's charity run project stated: "Running is not only a form of exercise but also an attitude towards life and a positive force. Through the 'Star Wish Run, Picking Up Beauty' charity run, we hope that everyone can find their own health, sunshine, and joy with a passionate running posture, and strive for a better self. At the same time, we also hope that by combining running with environmental protection, we can make charity warmer and the ecology better."


“星愿跑 拾美好”星邦互娱公益线下跑.jpg

"Star Wish Run, Picking Up Beauty" UNI-STAR Charity Offline Run.


Act to create a new look for the community.

It is understood that the main activity of this "Star Wish Run, Picking Up Beauty" UNI-STAR charity offline run is "plogging" (combining jogging with picking up trash). Members of the UNI-STAR running group, armed with trash pickers and bags, jog while picking up litter such as paper scraps, cigarette butts, and empty bottles along the way, making every footprint and every mile more meaningful.



UNI-STAR Running Group members jog and pick up trash.


Due to the organic integration of sports and environmental protection, "plogging" has become a popular new form of charity sports worldwide, favored by sports enthusiasts and environmentalists. UNI-STAR hopes to call on sports lovers to form a habit during their daily runs of not littering and taking away any rubbish along the way, turning running into a truly green sport, and actively participating in, practising and promoting urban civility.


"Plogging not only strengthens the body and purifies the environment but also provides an opportunity to promote environmental knowledge to more people and encourage friends and family to join in. One person influences a group, and a group influences a city. We hope that more people will join us in the future to make the living environment better from small things," said Xiao Lin, a member of the UNI-STAR running group.


After the plogging event, members of the UNI-STAR running group went to the roadside to distribute warm winter supplies to every sanitation worker, passing on "warmth" to the city's beautifiers, making this winter less cold. Taozi said, "Being covered in dust on sunny days and mud on rainy days is their usual work condition. We are very grateful to the city's beautifiers for their dedication to creating a clean, tidy, and beautiful urban environment regardless of the harsh weather. They protect the environment, and we protect them."



Sanitation workers receive gifts donated by UNI-STAR.


Run together for a better new home.

The country has always attached great importance to the construction of ecological civilization and the protection of biodiversity. As a company with a sense of mission and social responsibility, UNI-STAR is well aware that protecting the ecological environment is protecting productivity, and improving the ecological environment is developing productivity. They hope to aggregate more "small forces" to contribute to the improvement of the surrounding environment and the creation of a better life.


On November 17, UNI-STAR officially launched the "Star Wish Run, Picking Up Beauty" charity online run activity, advocating for all employees to register and participate, using running mileage to exchange for "Star Wish Gold", to add bricks and tiles to the ecological environment protection business with practical actions.



Members of the UNI-STAR running group are running.


With a united heart for development and growth with stars, environmental protection is everyone's responsibility. In the future, UNI-STAR will explore more diverse and innovative forms, aggregate more "small lights" and forces, unite more resources from all sectors of society, and turn every small act of kindness into a force for ecological environment protection.