The UNI-STAR Guardians of Youth Public Welfare Class commences at Chengdu City Cultural Center.


As winter vacation begins for elementary and middle school students across the country, how to use the internet healthily and how much time can be spent on mobile phones each day has become a "battle" between parents and children. To further enhance the cyber security awareness of young people and guide minors to use the internet correctly, on January 27, 2024, the UNI-STAR Guardians of Youth Public Welfare Class project, a special program for the cultivation of youth online literacy by UNI-STAR, held its first class at the Chengdu Cultural Center.


The theme of this UNI-STAR Guardians of Youth Public Welfare Class is "Safeguarding the Journey, Healthy Children's Travel on the E-Road". Initiated by the Party Branch of UNI-STAR, it was jointly organized with Ruijie Education and Chenwei Xinyu, and received strong support from the Chengdu Cultural Center.



Teacher Deng Nan is introducing the public welfare classroom to the students.


The public welfare classroom specially invited senior family education instructor and psychologist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Teacher Deng Nan, to give a talk titled "In the Digital New Era, How to Cultivate Smart Young Netizens". Focusing on improving online civil literacy, cultivating healthy and safe online behavior habits, and preventing internet addiction, Teacher Deng Nan interacted face-to-face with dozens of families in an interactive classroom exchange, allowing parents and children to learn more about online literacy in a joyful and cheerful atmosphere.


At the event, the person in charge of the Party Branch of UNI-STAR stated, "In January this year, China's first comprehensive legislation specifically for the online protection of minors, the 'Regulations on the Protection of Minors Online', was officially implemented, marking a new stage in the online protection of minors. As a leading digital cultural and creative enterprise in China, UNI-STAR has always regarded the protection of minors as a red line, deeply implementing the 'Regulations', launching a special project for the cultivation of youth online literacy, initiating multi-party linkage and collaboration, and building a 'firewall' for the safe growth of young people."



At the UNI-STAR Guardians of Youth Public Welfare Class.


Gathering multi-party forces to help improve online literacy.

Since 2020, the widespread adoption of online learning has significantly increased the exposure of young people to the internet. According to the "5th National Survey Report on the Use of the Internet by Minors" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report") released by the Department of Protecting the Rights and Interests of Youth of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and other units, the scale of underage netizens in China has exceeded 193 million in 2022, with an internet penetration rate of 97.2%.


As "digital natives", the internet has deeply integrated into every aspect of the learning and life of minors, affecting their self and social cognition, as well as the development of their worldview, outlook on life, and values. As the internet increasingly becomes an important channel for minors to acquire knowledge, promoting online literacy has also become an important task in the online protection of minors.


The family is the first line of defense for youth internet protection and an important position for the online literacy education of minors. However, many parents have reported difficulties and problems in guiding minors in internet usage skills. The "Report" shows that 28.7% of parents say they do not know much about the internet; more than a quarter of parents believe they have a dependency on the internet. The improvement of parents' online literacy capabilities also needs to be taken seriously.



Teacher Deng Nan encourages children to take the initiative in planning mobile phone use.


Parents' online literacy cultivation can be combined with the online literacy education of minors, and together they can develop literacy capabilities that adapt to the digital society. Based on this, the UNI-STAR Guardians of Youth Public Welfare Class includes special exchanges for teenagers and their parents in its content settings. In the classroom for teenagers, Teacher Deng Nan guides children to use electronic products reasonably and correctly through interactive games and self-planning. In the classroom for parents, Teacher Deng Nan discusses with parents how to prevent and deal with their children's internet addiction.


Teacher Deng Nan said, "Literacy is not just knowledge and skills, but also abilities or mental states beyond knowledge. The core of literacy lies in reflective thinking and action, which requires the subject of behavior to return to itself, to take oneself as the object of thought, and gradually adjust one's thinking and actions." She specially set up a reflection and parent-child dialogue session in this class, hoping to achieve a "1+1>2" effect.


In the classroom, Teacher Deng Nan shared on the spot "Parent-Child Joint Discussion - The Third Method", with specific content such as "determining needs, brainstorming, choosing plans, determining plans, implementing plans, and follow-up evaluation", becoming a bridge for intimate communication between parents and children, and giving parents a "golden key" to open parent-child relationships.


After the class, parent Zhang Linlin, who brought her child to the public welfare classroom, said, "After attending the UNI-STAR Guardians of Youth Public Welfare Class, we realized the importance of improving children's online literacy and learned how to improve parent-child relationships. At the same time, as parents, we should set an example by improving our own online literacy and teaching by precept and example."


As a co-organizer of the event, Ruijie Education is dedicated and committed to the comprehensive practice, study and practice education for teenagers and children, while Chenwei Psychology focuses on building a "digital + smart social psychological service system". The heads of both organizations came to the event site to answer parents' questions about "how to improve teenagers' online literacy". In addition, the Netle Tennis, which is dedicated to providing high-quality tennis training for children, also brought a course experience gift package.



Children and parents interact intimately at the UNI-STAR Guardians of Youth Public Welfare Class.



Taking multiple measures to build a solid safety dyke and protect a happy digital childhood.

In recent years, UNI-STAR has taken action in real-name authentication, anti-addiction systems, parental supervision, and the construction of a clear network, and has made significant progress. Due to actively carrying out the "Clear and 2023 Summer Special Action for the Online Environment of Minors", and achieving results in assisting with the governance of the online ecosystem, UNI-STAR was awarded the "2023 Guangzhou Game Industry Network Ecology Governance Outstanding Enterprise of the Year".


At present, with the further widespread application of internet technologies represented by artificial intelligence, big data, 5G, etc., a more complex and challenging online environment has emerged. UNI-STAR is actively exploring constructive online protection plans for minors, actively carrying out family science popularization and educational guidance activities, improving minors' abilities to discern, use, and criticize information, as well as their ability to participate in society through the internet.


In the future, UNI-STAR will continue to carry out the special project for the cultivation of youth online literacy UNI-STAR Guardians of Youth Public Welfare Class, continue to place the protection of minors in the primary position, link up with schools, families, and other social parties, take multiple measures, and work together to create a clean and righteous online space, and jointly contribute to the healthy growth of minors.