UNI-STAR won the "Outstanding Enterprise Award for Network Ecological Governance".


On the 13th of October, the summary meeting of "Guangzhou Online Game Industry Eco-Governance Base Achievements Showcase" was successfully held. UNI-STAR was invited to this conference and won the "Guangzhou Game Industry Network Ecological Governance Excellent Enterprise Award".



UNI-STAR attended the summary meeting of the achievements of Guangzhou Game Industry Network Ecological Governance Base.


In the past year, UNI-STAR actively responded to the work of the online game ecological governance base, implemented the main responsibility of enterprises, curbed illegal information, prevented and resisted undesirable information, and helped build the ecological governance mechanism of the online game industry. UNI-STAR was honoured as the "Outstanding Enterprise in Network Ecological Governance of Guangzhou Game Industry for the Year 2023" for its outstanding achievements in supporting network ecological governance.


官网20231013-广州市网络游戏行业生态治理成果展示总结会全体合影.pngUNI-STAR won the "Guangzhou Game Industry Network Ecological Governance Excellent Enterprise Award".


UNI-STAR, as a leading digital entertainment company in China, has been established since October 2014 and has continued to plough into the mobile game industry in China and overseas. The company is headquartered in Chengdu and has offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other cities. Adhering to the strategy of "research and operation as a whole", UNI-STAR realises the layout of the whole game industry chain, covering R&D, distribution and operation, etc. It is one of the unique platform-type game companies in China. On the R&D side, UNI-STAR has established a number of game R&D studios and owns the well-known game R&D brand "UNI-STAR Games". On the operation side, UNI-STAR operates two game platforms, 9130 Games and Wondergame, which are responsible for domestic and overseas game distribution and operation respectively, and has rich experience in game product distribution. In recent years, UNI-STAR has developed or operated hundreds of game products, including popular IP games such as "Legend of the Immortal Sword of Kyushu", "Tian Jian Qi Yuan", "Summoning of Dawn", "Survival of Dawn" and "Otherworldly Abyss", which have been well received by users at home and abroad.


It is worth mentioning that, as an independent mobile game company with comprehensive development and distribution capabilities, UNI-STAR has always actively explored the innovation and application of cutting-edge technologies in the game field. Through years of accumulation and precipitation in the field of digital entertainment, combined with AI, VR, cloud computing and other technologies, UNI-STAR has independently developed a series of AI-enabled support systems, including the game core research and development system "Sundasheng", player game data analysis system "Zhugeliang "Shenji", user operation data analysis system, intelligent placement and effect monitoring system "Juliang", covering various stages of R&D and testing, release and online, operation and growth, forming a set of intelligent solutions for the entire game life cycle. The solution.


According to the China Game Industry Report for the first six months of 2023, published by the China Audio and Digital Association, the Game Industry Committee and the China Game Industry Research Institute, the actual sales revenue of China's game market in the first half of 2023 reached 144.263 billion yuan, representing a chain growth of 22.16%, and China's game market is gradually warming up. At the same time, from the perspective of the game industry, boutique games and games with a long life cycle have become a trend, and both domestic and foreign gamers have set higher demands on the quality of game products. Against this backdrop, UNI-STAR's self-developed game lifecycle solution, which is based on deep learning algorithms to drive product development, precise marketing and in-depth operations, helps R&D teams to create boutique games more efficiently and extend the life cycle of game products, thus contributing to long-term value enhancement.



Actual revenue and growth rate of China's game market.


In recent years, from the popularity of the "national trend" style to the popularity of traditional culture such as folk music and Chinese dress among young people, Chinese traditional culture is valued and promoted by more and more people. As a comprehensive digital entertainment company with businesses at home and abroad, UNI-STAR has always adhered to cultural self-confidence, openness and tolerance, and adherence to righteousness and innovation, and promotes the world's understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture with the two-wheel drive of "cultural innovation + scientific innovation".


In particular, UNI-STAR makes full use of the advantages of games as a medium of popular entertainment, and integrates traditional cultural elements into the backgrounds, characters and other settings of game products, so as to transmit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. Take the game "Hong Huang Xi Xing Lu" as an example, which is a MMORPG real-time combat role-playing game. In the construction of the game background, it takes the ancient oriental myths and the Shanhaijing as the prototype to build the whole world of the game. In terms of characters and details, the game recreates the classic characters, mountain and sea wonders, and supernatural monsters from the myths. In addition, in terms of gameplay, it integrates the mythological stories of the household, such as Pandemonium, the Tower of Heaven and the Road to Western Paradise. It enables players to learn about the culture of the era of ancient Chinese myths and wonders, and experience the charm of traditional Chinese culture in an immersive way while having fun and relaxing. At present, UNI-STAR is preparing the overseas version of the game to implement "going out" to show the world the charm of traditional Chinese culture and art.


In the future, UNI-STAR will continue to increase investment in R&D and actively expand the digital entertainment field to provide users with higher quality interactive entertainment products. While developing its business, UNI-STAR will continue to be upright and innovative, conscientiously implement the requirements of the "Provisions on the Ecological Governance of Network Information Content", actively fulfil its own social responsibility, strengthen the work of network ecological governance, create a healthy and uplifting network environment, and build a clear cyberspace for common governance and sharing.