"Tian Jian Qi Yuan" was named the outstanding best-selling small game of the year in 2023.


On 1 November 2023, UNI-STAR was invited to participate in the 2023 Vivo Developer Conference held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Centre. During the conference, UNI-STAR's game product "Tian Jian Qi Yuan" was named "Vivo 2023 annual excellent best-selling small games".



Tian Jian Qi Yuan" was awarded the "Vivo 2023 annual excellent best-selling small game".


It is understood that the Vivo developer conference with "concentricity - peer" as the theme, intended to users, partners and developers with the same heart and walk together to create a better, more open wisdom ecology. In this conference game ecological branch, vivo said, will insist on doing a good job connecting users and developers bridge, enable high-performance ultimate experience, create more comprehensive services, open the common deep ploughing new journey.


As a deep partner for many years, UNI-STAR and Vivo share the same vision and hope to provide users with a wonderful explorable, young and more interesting gaming experience. In recent years, UNI-STAR has combined AI, VR, cloud computing, and other cutting-edge technologies to continuously improve the user experience from gameplay innovation to fine-tuning. In 2022, UNI-STAR won the "Best Company of the Year in Vivo Marketing" award from Vivo, and this time, "Tian Jian Qi Yuan" once again won the "Outstanding Bestselling Small Game of the Year in Vivo 2023" award, which is another example of UNI-STAR's user-oriented and technological innovation. This award is another strong proof of Starbuck's user-oriented approach and adherence to technological innovation.



UNI-STAR was awarded the Best Game Company of the Year in Vivo Marketing.


"Tian Jian Qi Yuan" is an APRG game developed in-house at UNI-STAR, featuring oriental fairies and chivalrous romance. It perfectly integrates the elements of various types of hanging products, including hanging leisure, gate breaking, cultivation of fairies, spirit beasts, cultivation of mounts, encounters, etc. It also innovates unique ideas in painting style and gameplay to give users a sense of differentiation. At the same time, the "Tian Jian Qi Yuan" team has made fine management for the game service ecology, opening service rhythm, core competition user zone, etc., to really take care of each user's experience.


Over the past ten years, Vivo has been working hard on the product experience, game operation, developer services, user socialisation and many other aspects of the game platform to create an increasingly perfect game ecosystem, perfectly connecting the game with the users and continuously strengthening the scale and depth of users. As one of Vivo's "developer" partners, UNI-STAR will make full use of the resource advantages it has accumulated over many years in the field of digital culture and creativity, join hands with Vivo, play with users, optimise the game from the bottom up, deeply understand and solve users' pain points, and bring users more extreme experiences of game products. At the same time, UNI-STAR will also work with Vivo to find innovative opportunities in niche categories, explore new opportunities in the game industry, and promote the diversified development of the industry.