Successfully concluded! UNI-STAR facilitated the Tsinghua Alumni Table Tennis Competition.


The 12th Tsinghua Alumni Table Tennis Tournament, hosted by the Tsinghua Alumni Association and the Sports Department of Tsinghua University, was held on 28th October at the West China Medical College Stadium of Sichuan University. UNI-STAR Network Technology Co., Ltd, as the supporting unit of this tournament, came to the scene to cheer on the athletes!



Tsinghua alumni warming up before the game.


At the opening ceremony, Tsinghua alumni, faculty and staff from home and abroad and from all walks of life were in full formation, walking firmly and in high spirits, adhering to the principle of "meeting friends with the ball, you and I mingling, using the ball as a medium, joint development", interpreting the ping-pong spirit of moving forward on the field.


More than 200 Tsinghua alumni participated in the tournament, divided into 25 teams. At the same time, the tournament was modelled on the international practice of "singles and team", with the elimination system to win.



Tsinghua alumni warming up before the match Players at the 12th Tsinghua Alumni Table Tennis Tournament.


After two days of fierce competition, the participating athletes experienced the thrilling and exciting summit match, experienced the strategy of improving tactics, saw the table tennis masters with high skills, excellent layout and strong table control, and got the opportunity to seek, inspire and surpass themselves.



Sponsors of this tournament and previous Tsinghua Alumni Table Tennis Tournament Highlights.


In 2012, the Tsinghua Alumni Table Tennis Association was founded, which is the first sports interest organisation of Tsinghua alumni, and the president of the association is the famous table tennis world champion Deng Yaping, and the tournament has become one of the classic sports events of Tsinghua alumni. Chengdu has hosted the Alumni Table Tennis Tournament three times, and this is the fourth time the tournament has been held in Chengdu.


As an industry-leading digital cultural and creative enterprise, UNI-STAR Network Technology Co., Ltd. has actively carried out its original mission, adhered to righteousness and innovation, and continuously fulfilled its corporate social responsibility. In addition to sponsoring table tennis tournaments, the company also actively promotes public welfare undertakings, such as the recent "Star Table Tennis Rural Journey" public welfare programme, which improves sports conditions in townships and communities, promotes the extension of public fitness service resources to the countryside, and improves the distribution of sports resources between urban and rural areas. It also promotes the extension of national public fitness service resources to the countryside, improves the imbalance in the distribution of sports resources between urban and rural areas, and enables the revitalisation of villages.