UNI-STAR's New Year Greetings for 2024.


In the blink of an eye, 2023 has settled into the river of time.


If you want to use one word to describe 2023, what would it be? For UNI-STAR it is "breakthrough".


Over the past year, ChatGPT has taken off, triggering profound changes in AIGC and rewriting the landscape of the digital economy. We are eager to find a trace of "certainty" in this era of change and uncertainty.


Therefore, we choose to be the most worthy of ourselves: to think, to explore, to innovate, to share and to actively embrace change.


This year, we gathered emerging forces and developed our business territory in the sound of the tide - more than 400 new members joined the Starbucks family, we established a dedicated AI technology department, and we continued to lay down the small game trail, injecting powerful kinetic energy into our company to ride the wind and break the waves.


This year, we also collected a little starlight in the process of hard work and actively contributed to society - focusing on the protection of the underage network, rural revitalisation, environmental protection and other areas, we launched a series of special public welfare activities such as "ChengXin Aid-Farmer Charity Program", "Star Table Tennis Rural Journey", "Star Pong Rural Walk" and so on.


This year, we used our creativity and action to seize the development opportunities that came our way step by step, and gradually stood on a higher and bigger stage - we were successively ranked as one of the "Top 10 Outstanding Game Operating Enterprises in China" and one of the "Top 100 Sichuan Enterprises in 2023".


This year, as a witness of the game industry, we also witnessed the mysterious game power from the East sweeping the world. Whether on the streets of overseas cities, at the Asian Games, or at major world-class game award ceremonies, games from China appear frequently, and we are slowly gaining more power of speech on the world stage.


All these points and marks will soon be engraved on the monument of 2023, and will be indelible traces. Starlight never fails to honour the promise of those who work hard, and time is never stingy with the praise of those who struggle.


What do you expect to see when you walk through the door of 2024? We believe that there are new challenges and infinite hopes.


We always believe that the future will be better, and 2024 will be better.


In 2024, the game industry will continue to develop towards refinement, order and health. We will strive to release more high-quality products, promote the high-quality development of the online game industry, and contribute to the promotion of cultural prosperity and development and the building of a strong cultural country.


There is still glory ahead of us and warmth behind us. I wish we could be like this for a long time, and that things would be new every year.


---I would like to dedicate this article to all UNI-STAR employees and friends from all walks of life and extend my sincere thanks and best wishes for the Chinese New Year to all of you!