2024 UNI-STAR Annual Meeting Successfully Held.


The 2024 UNI-STAR Annual Meeting Ceremony was successfully held in Guangzhou on 1st February.



This annual meeting not only presented a series of stunning performances and rounds of lucky draws, but also awarded numerous highly prestigious prizes to inspire nearly 1,400 UNI-STAR employees to strive forward in 2024 and join hands in writing a new chapter together. 

Let's look back at the happy moments that belong to us with the 8x lens!


---PART ONE---

Dear UNI-STAR buddies: Everyone, come and "sign in" to receive your good luck for the new year!


---PART TWO---

Joyful energy is fully charged.
Fun, loving, and multi-talented!
UNI-STAR buddies, take the stage to start our show time!



Song Medley - "You've Got Me All the Way"



"Blissful Dance 2024"



"Indian Maiden"



"Cosplay Runway - Dimension Crossing"



"The Eve & Runaway Baby"



"Wildfire Trainees - Refusal Version"

Thank you to every performer who took the stage. We look forward to seeing you continue to shine and bring us more surprises and wonderful moments in the future!




A spark of fire can kindle a prairie.
It is because every tiny spark can burst out with different light and energy.

In the past year, UNI-STAR's outstanding achievements could not be separated from all UNI-STAR people's positive actions and courageous commitment, outstanding contribution, sharp innovation and dedication, you deserve to be seen!



Golden Ox Award


 Service Star Award


 Outstanding Employee Representatives Deliver Award Speeches


 Individual Progress Award Winners Deliver Speeches



Project Progress Award - Lizi Studio Representative Delivers Award Speech



Project Progress Award - Shanhai Studio Representative Delivers Award Speech


We hope that every excellent UNI-STAR employee will continue to challenge and explore, turn the ceiling into the starting line, become the light on the way to search for light, and become the future when embracing the future.



Under the endless waves of the times, we never stop. When the tide goes down, we just settle down and store up our strength.


When the tide is falling, we only need to calm down, store up our strength and wait for the time to develop; when the tide is rising, we only need to love, surging, and galloping forward without any hesitation.


2024, standing in the new journey, a new starting point, let us store full of happy power, sail on the wind! Together up, to the sea of stars. To create a better life, to become more possible, together to redefine the world with fun!